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About Value Prop Interactive

Value Prop Interactive delivers high-performance marketing method, training, and tools – all designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing and sales teams who are responsible for building the future of their company.

Value Prop Interactive was founded by Jose Palomino: author, teacher, entrepreneur, and marketing strategist. We primarily work with B2B companies who want to grow. These businesses are developing their best overall strategy and the execution plans they need to spark greater growth for their companies. We’ve delivered successful outcomes for a wide range of companies – from “enterprise-class” companies (ie. Day & Zimmerman, SAP, DOW, and Goldman Sachs) to smaller, privately-held companies such as Burns & McBride and US Axle.

Of course, you want to know the best practices you need to employ to continue growing. What if there were a program that not only showed you how to apply these principles in actionable, practical ways – but also sharpened your decisions with live input from fellow owners of similar-sized companies with the same kinds of challenges you’re facing?

New products, new services, new offerings, new programs, new markets, new niches, and new opportunities – these are the drivers of your company’s future growth. And these are where Value Prop Interactive delivers maximum impact.

Value Prop Interactive delivers specialized content and advisory services for

  • Value Prop: messaging and go-to-market speaking and training resources designed specifically for the professional marketer. See Jose’s interview with Daniel Burstein of MarketingSherpa, on value propositions: https://youtu.be/mzv6nn-9NG0
  • Spyglass Selling: practical, insightful, and extremely powerful visual thinking tools for sales professionals. See Jose’s interview with Gerhard Gschwandtner of Selling Power: http://bit.ly/28P5MTR
  • Via Revenue: revenue growth strategies, tactics, and tools designed especially for business owners and their leadership teams.

Quite simply, we help get your go-to-market programs in high gear by making your core strategy more effective and your marketing and sales communications sharper than ever before.

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