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Success Stories

Value Prop Interactive has been integral to the success of companies large and small. Here’s just a sample:

The Issue: Burns & McBride is a leading, family-owned, regional oil and HVAC provider for residential consumers. Their challenge was in differentiating an inherently undifferentiated product: home heating oil and its related services.

The solution was to apply value prop principles towards refining their true differentiators, which were in the service dimensions, and then more specifically, finding those things that they did in services that they could guarantee, not just promise. This became the mantra of Burns & McBride and their subsidiaries: “Others make promises, we make guarantees.”

The result was sales to more profitable clients – customers that valued and appreciated the quality value-added services they offered.

Terry McBride, Vice President: “Value Prop brought about a fundamental shift in how we looked at our business and market. With the focusing and positioning tools and training we received, we were able to zero-in on our best customers and drive up our profitable customer acquisitions. The Method and services have proven invaluable to our success.”


The Issue: Leading enterprise software company SAP needed to develop messaging for their direct sales force so they could win more deals against specific competitors.

They had gathered reams and reams of competitive intelligence over a wide variety of client industries for the full spectrum of their product line. All this data was powerful – but not very useful to their direct sales teams in its current form.

Through the Value Prop messaging process, they were able to summarize 150-page preparation decks against each specific competitor into a 2-pager of the most salient points – in language their sales teams understood and appreciated.

Value Prop thinking let them develop a laser-sharp focus on only those issues that really mattered to their prospects. And once operationalized by their sales force, they moved their sales conversations forward significantly faster and with improved sales results.

Market Research Director: “Value Prop helped us get to the bottom line in language our direct sales team could use in their day-to-day selling.”


The Issue: Creative MediaWorks provides digital design services for a variety of industries. They were fighting to grow even as market forces were pressing their competitors to lower prices and reduce margins.

Value Prop thinking helped them focus in on the healthcare industry where they were already well-regarded, and sharpen their messaging and their sales process to penetrate this critical market even further.

Though that market contracted nationally in the late 2000s, Creative MediaWorks continues to grow, and continues to build its breadth and depth of services for the healthcare industry. Their reputation has also bolstered revenues and profits from client work in industries outside of healthcare.

Richard Van Fleet, CEO: “Value Prop thinking helped us concentrate on those customers that really valued what we did the most, and as a result, we’ve been able to continue our growth, year over year.”

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