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Douglas Crisman

Chief Program Officer, Via

Doug Crisman is the Chief Program Officer for Value Prop Interactive’s Via Revenue Throughput Growth Program. He is also a private investor, participates in various Angle Groups in NJ, NY and CT, is a mentor at Tech Launch, a New Jersey Incubator and serves on the board of the advisers of Einstein’s Alley.

Doug’s career, spanning over 40 years working across the United States and Canada, includes about a third of that time working with start-up companies: both directly and as part of a venture capital firm, a third with large companies and the third with small to medium sized businesses. Throughout his career Doug has always been focused on growing a business; whether he was in operations, sales, marketing, finance, supply chain or some other discipline. Whether his role was as a Quality Manager or CEO his personal objectives have always been focused on how to get the business to perform more effectively and grow.

Over the past fifteen years through Oldhorses, Inc., a “shared-risk” business consulting firm he founded, Mr. Crisman helped dozens of owners of small businesses grow their businesses to meet their personal visions. In addition, he personally bought two businesses, quickly grew them and then sold them for over 3X revenues; one of them to a public company now owned by IBM.

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