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Know Thy Customer

Get the new eBook – Free! Knowing who is your ideal target customer focuses all your energies on higher probability prospects and also has the added benefit of optimizing your messaging to that audience.

The alternative has the false attraction of a bigger (and therefore, more bountiful) market. This, however, is “fool’s gold” for all but the largest companies.

Most organizations simply cannot develop the capabilities to meet the expectations of many markets.

The Bottom Line: Really Know Thy Customer… because you are making major investments of time, staff and money to reach them.

I want my FREE eBook: Know Thy Customer!

Know Thy Customer Table of Contents

  1. Know Thy Market
  2. Don’t Inside-Out Your Assumptions
  3. Know Thy Customers Are… People
  4. Know Thy Customers’ Internal Motivations
  5. Know Thy Customer’s Requirements
  6. Know When to Switch Gears
  7. Know Thy Real and Best Customer
  8. Know Thy Strengths
  9. Sharply Define Your Customer “Starting Block” for Your Go-to-Market Race

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