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Function Tours

Select any of the following Tour Videos to see how Accelerator works. (You can expand each video to full screen view for a better look.)

Creating a Project in Accelerator

Watch the VideoWhether it is a new product launch, or re-launching an existing product or service into a new market, each go-to-market initiative is treated as a Project. Each Project has its own folder and information and even a unique team of Users.

Accessing Content within Accelerator

Watch the VideoThe Value Prop Method is a complete and strategic go-to-market methodology – designed for entrepreneurial and growing businesses. Accelerator organizes this methodology into nine modules, housing over 250 articles, dozens of videos, and links to helpful related content.

About Accelerator Worksheets

Watch the VideoAs your Team completes each Accelerator Module, database-driven worksheets allow you to document your key decisions and strategic observations. Worksheets can be printed and shared as you see fit.

Accelerator Assessments

Watch the Video Accelerator Assessments allow Teams to quickly evaluate their progress within each Module. Accelerator will combine each Team-member’s score into a Team Score – to let you know how you’re really doing.

Team Discussions within Accelerator

Watch the VideoThroughout Accelerator, thoughtful Discussion Starters are provided – designed to prompt your team to wrestle with the key issues and decisions that can make or break a go-to-market Project.

Uploading Files and Links

Watch the VideoAccelerator allows Teams to upload files – such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files. Additionally, Accelerator lets you post links to files you’ve stored elsewhere, such as in Google Docs or an Intranet server.

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