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Platform Features

A Learning and Doing Environment

Value Prop Accelerator is both a learning and doing environment – while it teaches, it invites you to do and decide as you move along.

Accelerator combines the best of e-learning (i.e., expert content in a variety of formats), with actual project tools to apply and execute what you’re learning on real projects in real time.

  • Integrates with Workshops

    Accelerator is designed to work hand-in-hand with the Live Workshops, providing an interactive platform for your team to explore the Method and collaborate on your pressing initiatives.

  • The Value Prop Method

    The Value Prop Method is a complete and strategic go-to-market methodology – designed for entrepreneurial and growing businesses.

  • Users

    Users are Collaborators. These are the people you want to work with on any or all of your Go-to-Market initiatives. Each User can access all content and engage in the Interactive Features of Accelerator.

  • Projects

    Whether it is a new product launch, or re-launching an existing product or service into a new market, each go-to-market initiative is treated as a Project. Each Project has its own folder and information and even a unique team of Users.

  • Module Checklists

    Each of the Nine Method Modules provides a Checklist on a per-Project basis. That way, each assigned Team (Users) can know where they are in the Method for each Project.

  • Discussions

    Throughout Accelerator, thoughtful Discussion Starters are provided – designed to prompt your team to wrestle with the key issues and decisions that can make or break a go-to-market Project.

  • Action Items

    Throughout Accelerator, thoughtful Action Item ideas are provided – designed to prompt your team to wrestle with the key decisions and action that can make or break a go-to-market Project.

  • Worksheets

    As your Team completes each Accelerator Module, database-driven worksheets allow you to document your key decisions and strategic observations. Worksheets can be printed and shared as you see fit.

  • File and Link Sharing Tool

    Accelerator allows Teams to upload files – such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files. Additionally, Accelerator lets you post links to files you’ve stored elsewhere, such as in Google Docs or an Intranet server.

  • Assessments

    Accelerator Assessments allow Teams to quickly evaluate their progress within each Module. Accelerator will combine each Team-member’s score into a Team Score – to let you know how you’re really doing.

  • Market Intelligence

    Set up your Industry, Key Competitors, and Major Customers, and Accelerator will update news round-the-clock on each of them.

  • Project Guidance

    Accelerator provides Guidance based on what your go-to-market Project is attempting to do: New Product to New Market; New Product to Existing Market; Existing Product to New Market; Existing Product to Existing Market.

  • Ask an MVP

    Ask an MVP is a Powerful part of Accelerator. This feature allows you to dynamically invite anyone to help resolve a key question or issue – and then pull the answers into an instant and private Discussion area – all built around the key question your team wants help with.

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