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Value Proposition Development Service

Develop a powerful value proposition that sets your offering apart in the marketplace. Learn to use the I³ model to create a product definition with features, benefits, and the true distinctives that win in crowded and competitive markets!

Develop your best overall offering – the combination of products and services that will delight and motivate your best audience to buy. You’ll explore: What is innovative, indispensable, and inspirational about your product/service? How does your credibility foundation support your offering in the market? How should you leverage the power of creating a 1 Pager?

What is it about your product or service that will attract customers? Why should they buy from you rather than your competitor? Often, companies can only offer vague and incomplete answers to these questions. If the company cannot answer confidently, how is the potential customer ever to have confidence either?

This Value Proposition Development program create a powerful I³ Value Proposition for your company.

We will discover and develop the innovative, indispensable and inspirational aspects of your product or service that makes it truly different – and therefore truly desirable. Your I³ Value Proposition will become the foundation for your successful go-to-market initiatives.

This engagement will help you understand and leverage:

  • What makes your product or service unique in meaningful ways to your customers
  • What aspects of your product or service are Innovative, Indispensable, and Inspirational
  • The five phases of crafting an I³ Value Proposition
  • How your company will solve the Differentiation Dilemma to stand out from the crowd
  • In what ways your corporate foundation supports your Value Proposition
  • How you will transition from the Value Proposition to Sales Messaging

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