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Execution Workshops

Program members engage in live, half⁃day Execution Workshops – each designed to help business owners and leadership develop and refine the specific actions for enacting their most effective go-to-market plans and programs.

Execution Workshop Summaries

The Program gives you a unique opportunity to work on your business – in a safe, encouraging, and instructional environment.

MORE SMB Social Media Strategy

With Jose Palomino, CEO – Value Prop Interactive » Learn how to plan and launch a Social Media strategy as part of your overall business model. See how Social Media can help a company achieve specific and measurable business objectives.

MORE Finding Access Points to New Markets

With Richard Bailey, CEO, Client By Design » Guerrilla Marketing Coach, Marketing and Technology strategist Richard Bailey delivers an in-depth view of his Access Point Marketing Method and Strategies to quickly ramp-up your sales and marketing efforts. Sell more products and services while spending only a fraction of your current budget.

MORE Lead Generating Content Strategies

With David Newman, CEO of Do It Marketing » The Lead Generating Content Strategies workshop will provide attendees with real-world online methods and strategies to generate new targeted leads, the lifeblood of any business.

MORE SEO and PPC Best Practices

With Duncan Lauder, CEO – Marketing Practicality » This workshop will explore SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and also PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and how both can affect a growing business.

MORE The Sales Pipeline

With Ralph Witcher, VP Business Development » Every sales and marketing professional knows how important quality lead generation is to building your revenue pipeline. Even seasoned professionals know how difficult it can be to fill that pipeline with valuable leads.

MORE The Keys to B2B Branding

With Ralph Finaldi, President, Novo Design Corp » It is vital that companies carve out their own space and find a place for their brand making their products “the only choice”.

MORE 8 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Website

With Jason and Kim Coleman, Principals of Stranger Studios » B2B (Business to Business) website design is not the same as Business to Consumer design. The Principles of B2B Web Design workshop delivers insights into the best practices and tools for your business to reach out, communicate, and build relationships with other business decision makers.

MORE The Keys to High Performance

With Michael Gidlewski, Achievement Unlimited » If your to-do list is longer than your arm, you’re not alone. Many business professionals today feel overwhelmed, and are in a constant state of reaction, putting out “fires,” and tending to crises.

MORE Growing Sales to Grow Value

With Frank Michel, CEO – Exit Decisions » What is the impact on your business value if your Top Line grows – even marginally? This key question, “what is the relationship between more sales and more value?” is not a simple 1 for 1 formula. Find out more with Frank Michel, CEPA.

Annual Membership means you will always be working on growing your business through our battle-tested sales and marketing Method – delivered through live, in-person workshops, dynamic online content, and an overall approach that is real-world and right-sized for companies like yours.

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