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8 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Website

With Jason and Kim Coleman, Principals of Stranger Studios »

B2B (Business to Business) website design is not the same as Business to Consumer design. The Principles of B2B Web Design workshop delivers insights into the best practices and tools for your business to reach out, communicate, and build relationships with other business decision makers.

Key Issues that this program addresses

  • How to infuse true audience interaction into your site architecture
  • How to effectively align site design with your lead generation program
  • Understanding responsive (one size does not fit all – mobile vs. desktop) design
  • How to design for search engines
  • Award winning visual design vs. effective lead converting design (can you have both)
  • Meeting the needs of online and the often forgotten offline user
  • Static vs. Dynamic design

The primary purpose of any website is to attract and convert prospects to customers. The Principles of B2B Web Design workshop will help you to better communicate your value to customers, engage them at all levels of communication.

Who Should Attend:

We recommend all Members engage in this workshop. Anyone who is responsible for understanding how their business website can be built or enhanced to better engage audiences, while making sales and conversions along with long term engagement easier.


At the end of this Workshop you will know:

  • 3 effective design strategies that will increase sales success
  • Key mobile design strategies to engage active users
  • How to squeeze every bit of performance from your site making it a 24/7 sales and engagement engine

You will also complete the B2B Website Design Worksheet and be prepared to communicate what you have learned with team members at your company.

Workshop Format:

As with all Value Prop Workshops, this Workshop is a four-hour session limited to no more than fifteen Members to ensure a truly interactive and immersive experience. Also, as with all our Workshops, we ask you to come ready to “roll up your sleeves” and work on your most pressing initiative.

  • Participants receive a Workbook.
  • Participants will receive instruction as they update their Workbook with information pertaining to their real initiatives.
  • Participants will work with their peers in this session, discussing approaches for and receiving input on their initiatives.

Note: Participants are not expected to share any sensitive or confidential information but only that which they are comfortable sharing with a group of business peers.

Prerequisites and Tools:

You will receive the Lead Generation Content Worksheet via email upon registering for this Workshop. Please review the Overview and invest 20 minutes on the Worksheet before the Workshop.

This Workshop is led by one of these individuals:

Jason Coleman
Kim Coleman

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