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Finding Access Points to New Markets

With Richard Bailey, CEO, Client By Design »

Guerrilla Marketing Coach, Marketing and Technology strategist Richard Bailey delivers an in-depth view of his Access Point Marketing Method and Strategies to quickly ramp-up your sales and marketing efforts. Sell more products and services while spending only a fraction of your current budget.

Key Issues that this program addresses:

  • Why defining your market and mission is critical to success
  • Finding innovative ways to meet the needs of your customers
  • Online/offline public relations
  • Developing professional B2B business resources and marketing collateral on a budget
  • Developing trust and confidence for increased market share

Today’s world of competitive business can make it difficult for upstarts and fledgling businesses to launch and thrive, this workshop will address the needs of those businesses in need of a boost. Whether big or small, Fortune 500 or small businesses alike can learn from the techniques and strategies shared and cooked up in this innovative marketing laboratory.

Who Should Attend:

We recommend all Members engage in this workshop.


At the end of this Workshop you will know:

  • How to build win-win strategic relationships
  • How to build instant business credibility from day one
  • How to acquire tools and business resources for rapid business expansion
  • How to create and develop instant products and services that are already in-demand
  • How to thrive in the toughest economy even with very little business capital

You will also complete the Access Points Worksheet and be prepared to communicate what you have learned with team members at your company.

Workshop Format:

As with all Value Prop Workshops, this Workshop is a four-hour session limited to no more than fifteen Members to ensure a truly interactive and immersive experience. Also, as with all our Workshops, we ask you to come ready to “roll up your sleeves” and work on your most pressing initiative.

  • Participants receive a Workbook.
  • Participants will receive instruction as they update their Workbook with information pertaining to their real initiatives.
  • Participants will work with their peers in this session, discussing approaches for and receiving input on their initiatives.

Note: Participants are not expected to share any sensitive or confidential information but only that which they are comfortable sharing with a group of business peers.

Prerequisites and Tools:

You will receive the Access Points Worksheet via email upon registering for this Workshop. Please review the Overview and invest 20 minutes on the Worksheet before the Workshop.

This Workshop is led by one of these individuals:

Richard Bailey

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