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Growing Sales to Grow Value

With Frank Michel, CEO – Exit Decisions »

What is the impact on your business value if your Top Line grows – even marginally? This key question, “what is the relationship between more sales and more value?” is not a simple 1 for 1 formula. Find out more with Frank Michel, CEPA.

Key Issues that this program addresses:

  • Rough-cut business valuation principles
  • Income, market, and asset based valuations
  • Sales, expenses, and margins
  • Targeting clients to increase sales and value
  • Marketing systems

Who Should Attend:

We recommend all Members engage in this workshop. Anyone interested in raising the value of their business and making it a powerful financial asset.


At the end of this Workshop you will know:

  • How to “rough-cut” value your business
  • What potential buyers need to know before they will buy your business
  • The key elements of a business profile that will raise eyebrows of buyers making them want to happily sign a check and put it in your hands
  • How an organization chart can help to show that your business will last and continue to grow
  • Why systems-based companies often have a higher value than any other business type

You will also complete the Growing Value Worksheet and be prepared to communicate what you have learned with team members at your company.

Workshop Format:

As with all Value Prop Workshops, this Workshop is a four-hour session limited to no more than fifteen Members to ensure a truly interactive and immersive experience. Also, as with all our Workshops, we ask you to come ready to “roll up your sleeves” and work on your most pressing initiative.

  • Participants receive a Workbook.
  • Participants will receive instruction as they update their Workbook with information pertaining to their real initiatives.
  • Participants will work with their peers in this session, discussing approaches for and receiving input on their initiatives.

Note: Participants are not expected to share any sensitive or confidential information but only that which they are comfortable sharing with a group of business peers.

Prerequisites and Tools:

You will receive the Growing Value Worksheet via email upon registering for this Workshop. Please review the Overview and invest 20 minutes on the Worksheet before the Workshop.

This Workshop is led by one of these individuals:

Frank Michel

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