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Strategic Workshops

Program members participate in live, half⁃day Strategic Workshops – each designed to help business owners and leadership develop and refine their most effective go-to-market plans and programs.

Strategic Workshops Summaries

The Program gives you a unique opportunity to work on your business – in a safe, encouraging, and instructional environment.

MORE Five Hurdles

What’s causing your business to stumble? Value Prop’s flagship Five Hurdles Workshop is 2 1/2 hours of interactive discovery for marketing leaders to examine and overcome the five hurdles that throttle growth.

MORE FlightPlan

The FlightPlan™ is Value Prop Interactive’s easy to use project management framework. Explore key questions, such as: What is your Mission? Who’s on the bus? What do you have to work with? What does success look like? When will you get there?

MORE Customer

In taking a product to market, what better place to start than by knowing precisely to whom you are trying to sell? Understand who your ideal customers are, what makes them ideal, and how you can best communicate your company’s value to them.

MORE Market

Establish a firm grasp on the way your chosen marketplace functions. Gain an understanding of the world in which you compete. Identify market dynamics, learn which you can influence, and learn how to navigate those that you can’t.

MORE Competition

Don’t let your competition take the upper hand. Be proactive – identify direct competitors, alternatives, and marketplace disruptors – so that you can determine where you ought to position yourself against your competition.

MORE Value Prop

Develop a powerful value proposition that sets your offering apart in the marketplace. Learn to use the I3 model to create a product definition with features, benefits, and the true distinctives that win in crowded and competitive markets!

MORE Pricing

Pricing a product correctly can be a difficult task, even for those with decades of experience in business! Understand pricing theory and learn to eliminate much of the guesswork by using Value Prop Interactive’s unique Pricing Positioning Model.

MORE Messaging

Even great products don’t sell themselves! Once you develop a powerful value proposition, you must communicate the value of your offering to your prospects. Build a powerful messaging strategy and capitalize on marketing communications.

MORE Strategy

A successful Market Entry Strategy is not about gambling or luck, but preparation, rigorous self-assessment and careful execution. Take your product to market with the quickest path and the highest probability of success.

MORE Programs

What comes next? How do you transition from developing strategy to implementing and executing programs, and make sure your entire organization is on board? Explore various programs for taking your product to market.

Annual Membership means you will always be working on growing your business through our battle-tested sales and marketing Method – delivered through live, in-person workshops, dynamic online content, and an overall approach that is real-world and right-sized for companies like yours.

Membership in the Value Prop Growth Program gives you access to more than 20 live, in-person, half-day Workshops and an online platform that will keep your team together and your go-to-market initiatives on track!

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