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Overcoming the Five Hurdles to Business Growth

What’s causing your business to stumble? Value Prop’s flagship Five Hurdles Workshop is 2 1/2 hours of interactive discovery for marketing leaders to examine and overcome the five hurdles that throttle growth.

Business owners and marketing leaders face five hurdles that constrain growth:

  • Lack of Commitment to the Right Target Market
  • Ignoring Hidden Competitors
  • Communicating Fuzzy Value Propositions
  • Employing the Wrong Pricing Strategy
  • Poorly Prepared Sales Teams

In today’s business climate, companies can ill afford to run their race with these five dimensions working against their success. This interactive workshop will help you identify your most significant go-to-market gaps and will show you how to fill them.

Led by Value Prop Interactive founder and marketing strategist, Jose Palomino, this session is designed to enlighten, encourage and empower you to get your business growing!

  • Attendees of the Five Hurdles Workshop receive a personalized Workbook and a copy of the book, Value Prop.
  • Attendees will also have a unique networking opportunity with “fellow travelers” looking to grow their businesses!
  • Participants will work with their peers in this session, discussing approaches for and receiving input on their initiatives.

Note: Participants are not expected to share any sensitive or confidential information but only that which they are comfortable sharing with a group of business peers.

This Workshop is led by:

Jose Palomino, Value Prop Interactive CEO

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