I used to love Vonage. Now? Let’s just say I’m “not happy” with Vonage right now.

The price/performance is what led me to this company about 5 years ago. At that time, Verizon was offering unlimited calling plans for about $100 – all in, with taxes, mystery fees, etc. Vonage rocked at well under $50, and with international rates that were under all other carriers.

So, what was the catch. None – until I developed a problem with the line quality about 30 days ago. A steady machine-type humming. I swapped out the phone (a new DECT 6.0 set) and cabling and still had no resolution.

I then took the dreaded next step: I called tech support. 2 hours of my life later – still no resolution. I just wanted them to swap out the $49.00 router. In fact, I would gladly buy a replacement at Staples, but didn’t want to risk losing my number.

Would Verizon be any better – or any other traditional phone company? Let me know what you think.