Original Post From: Distilled: Pure Website Expertise (May 19,2010)
by: Duncan Morris

“Somehow, Yandex, the well known Russian search engine has launched in the UK with very little fanfare. Please forgive me for getting this post up quickly. There is a lot of research I’d like to do before I make to many conclusions, but since when has research got in the way of a good story!” (more…)

My Quick Take…

Even on alpha, Yandex seems to be in very good shape. It’s clean, simple, and does exactly what we need a search engine to do. Unlike Yahoo! and Google, it isn’t cluttered yet with “strategically placed” links from companies and marketers. It does, in the truest sense, seem to provide us with the most democratic Internet search results.

I’m looking forward to how this site and the company will progress. I’m wondering if they will be able to stay sustain this quality of filtering as they earn more, as the web grows bigger, and as more and more strategies are created to make sure paying companies to stay on top of search indexes.

Thanks for the heads up on this, Duncan! I’m glad I stumbled on your blog.