People are wiser nowadays. Naturally, they don’t like to be scammed out of their money. They’re more cautious now, and careful about their dealings with individuals and companies.

Internet technology may be changing the way we see or do things and providing the convenience we used to dream about, but people just won’t click to buy immediately. Why?

Well they obviously don’t like to waste their hard-earned salary on products or services that are not up to par, or those that appear not to be credible. So today’s customer more often than not does his or her homework, through intensive researching online.

Building Trust and Adding Value

We’ve all read about the importance of building trust and adding value for both prospects and customers.

Every sales and marketing expert has spoken about this, but it still bears repeating. Successful online marketing, selling and networking requires mastering the art of giving. It’s simple, really. Before you try to get something from someone, you need to give them a reason to give it to you in the first place.

This goes back to basic human qualities that we all admire – honesty, integrity and trust. People don’t want to be lied to, don’t want to be exploited and abused. Yes, it’s a defense mechanism for people who are fed up with hard-sells and sledgehammer pitches. People’s walls grow stronger because of bad customer service experiences.

Today, there is a need to manage your prospect/customer’s impressions of you. If you find yourself spamming, trying all sorts of tactics without focus, and, well, appearing like a money-hungry marketer, then it’s time to change things up. This time, be a passionate individual/company that loves and enjoys helping people achieve their own goals.

Review your marketing strategy. Are you giving before you get?

Here’s some things you can give to your prospects/customers:

• Valuable, free content.
• Excellent service.
• Freebies.
• Useful tips for their personal lives or business.
• Meaningful interaction.
• Promises you keep.

Remember, you’re selling to people who care about what you can give them. Give unconditionally – no “angle” – just be valuable – and you will be valued!



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