Original Post: 5 Steps to Make More Money Now
By Marla Tabaka  | September 10, 2012

Your reason for holding back on a rate or product increase may sound rational to you, but is it entirely? Are you struggling in business needlessly, when this one step could take the edge off?

Pricing is always a tricky and sensitive issue. From the time you start pricing your products/services to when you face the reality that you must raise those prices, the process of pricing seems elusive. But the bottom line is value, isn’t it? If you are valuable to your customers – if prospective customers can easily see your value proposition – then you are worth the price you quote.

It can seem hardest for small business to establish – and raise – prices because they are not as well known as, say, Apple. But sometimes small businesses actually have an advantage over the bigger corporations. Service. Loyalty. A face. Don’t downplay these areas, and don’t apologize for your pricing.



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