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Original Post: Facebook fun can also equal profits
By Drew McLellan | September 4, 2012

The CMO “was able to convince her CEO that it would be fun to send the lips and mustaches out to a list of customers who had not placed an order within a year… In the package was the request that they take a picture of themselves wearing the lips or mustache and post it on the PostCardMania Facebook page wall. Everyone who posted a photo would also get a free book written by the CEO.”

This is perhaps the most creative marketing strategy I’ve heard in a while, but I think PostCardMania was probably on the right track all along.  The problem with a lot of companies and social media is that they just tack it on. They sign up, create a page, and then forget about it or use it ineffectively. That’s because they don’t integrate their social media strategy into their value proposition – or, worse yet, they don’t even have a social media strategy. PostCardMania not only came up with a creative way to engage customers – it fell in line with their company’s persona. “Hey – we’re a fun company – have fun with us!”

The lesson here is – once again – that social media strategy must be fully integrated into the personality and purpose of your company.

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