Why Value Prop?

Value Prop Interactive is focused on one thing: helping its clients create and deploy great sales messaging.

At a practical level, this means we show them best practices through a variety of “learn-do” experiences – where they not only learn the methods we teach but get ample time to apply those methods to their real-life situations. So, in that sense, we’re a business skills training company.

We support this training with a variety of tools – some of the tools are conceptual (think SWOT analysis charts and deal-closing checklists) – and some are training reinforcements via the web. We also support our clients with coaching and consulting, if they want to continue a more “hands-on” relationship with us. This means we’re an idea creation company, too.

Bottom line (yeah, guilty – we “bottom line” a lot of things): we provide method, training, and tools to B2B sales and marketing teams so that they can increase their sales through better sales messaging and message delivery. This means we work with C-Suite people, marketing people and most definitely, salespeople.

All in all, it means the folks who make up our team are folks that love ideas, words, and the practical (this is a big one for us) application of these ideas and words to growing sales.

Ok – all this can sound a little “squishy.”  Does Value Prop sell anything specific?

Great question. We sell live, web and recorded (video, e-courses, e-books, books) know-how in four categories of sales messaging challenges:

  1. Value Prop Development (hey, we wrote the book on it!)
  2. Buyer-Centric Messaging (getting specific sales messaging and discussion points right)
  3. Pivotal Conversations (getting t’s crossed and i’s dotted on big deals)
  4. Visual Selling Tools (making the complex sale…simpler!)

What we’re looking for right now:

Sales Development Executive

Value Prop is looking for a Sales Development Executive to help build the business by identifying real prospects and pursuing them to a decision.Our market is mostly B2B companies under $100M in annual revenues. Geography doesn’t matter as much, as we deliver programs and support via the web, as well as during live events and workshops. The ideal candidate will have a prospecting mindset and will help us build upon and develop both longstanding and new business relationships. They will be ready to provide support, give information and answer questions that clients may have as well as be able to identify competitors, trends and new, innovative ways to continue building client relationships.

Duties will include:

  • “Getting the sale” using various customer sales methods
  • Forecasting sales,
  • developing “out of the box” sales strategies/models and evaluating their effectiveness
  • Evaluating customers skills, needs and
  • building productive long lasting relationships


  • Five years in B2B sales – preferably professional services or training.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or greater required.

Content Development Intern

Value Prop is seeking a Content Development Intern who will help create engaging content and copy for Value Prop Interactive. This intern will be tasked with researching, writing and editing a variety of materials and resources so strong writings skills are a must in order to be considered for this position. Additionally, they must be able to work and edit on deadlines all while being detail oriented and engaged with other tasks they may be given. We’re a family here at Value Prop, so we all bring ideas to the table. This intern will do the same, bringing ideas for new posts, new ideas to help customers and increase the value Value Prop brings to them.

Duties will include:

  • Writing and pitching copy relevant to both customer and company.
  • Work closely with the Social Media Intern to collaborate on post ideas.
  • Handling multiple projects and tasks at once while still being able to meet deadlines.
  • Making sure created content flows well with the previous content and can be easily referenced together.


  • Currently pursuing a 4-year degree in communications, writing or related field.
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Previous experience copy editing
  • Able to multi-task and work in a team setting
  • Able to meet deadlines
  • Working knowledge of WordPress

Social Media Outreach Intern

Value Prop is looking for a Social Media Intern to work alongside us in creating a solid social media presence. This intern will conduct research on target audiences on various social media platforms and how best to reach them through a variety of methods and outlets. The ideal candidate will not only be able to work independently, brainstorm and troubleshoot but will also be a team player who brings their A-game to the table.

Duties will include:

  • Updating social media channels daily promoting content/news about our brand.
  • Write copy/put together relevant media for social media posts.
  • Create brand awareness for Value Prop on social media.
  • Track social media (likes, follows, retweets/posts, shoutouts, etc.).
  • Find trends in social media (What times of day do we get more likes? What days of the week? What social media platform is most effective?).


  • Currently pursuing a 4-year degree in marketing, communications, writing or related field.
  • Social media knowledge and know-how
  • Work with the Manager to create and implement campaigns
  • Develop content calendars on a weekly and monthly basis for company brands
  • Monitor analytics with social media team to identify viable ideas
  • Assist in creating engaging blog and social media content
  • Assist in the general distribution of press releases and media alerts
  • Provide support to our marketing and sales team at live and online events

I’d like to discuss a position with Value Prop

Please fill in your details below giving us as much information as possible and we will get back to you ASAP or call us at (484) 325-5005