Every Owner’s Challenge:

How can I


find and grow

more sales?

Introducing the New Membership Program

Peer Roundtable & Execution Support FOR OWNER-LED BUSINESSES

Do you ask yourself questions like these?

  • How can we find more of the right customers?
  • Are we saying the right things to win business?
  • Why are even our best customers
    squeezing us on price?

  • Are we wasting time on the wrong  prospects?
  • Are we maximizing share of wallet  from our best customers?

We’ll help you resolve questions like these to get revenue flowing…accelerating…again!

Value Prop Accelerator is the Membership Program for business owners and their leadership teams whose number one priority is profitably growing their revenue.

Make better decisions. Apply proven principles. Equip your team. Grow Sales.

Strategic decisions supported by “how to” instruction… Accelerate Your Profitable Revenue Growth!

Quarterly, in-person, CEO peer sessions, professionally facilitated to help you make better strategic decisions. And… there’s enough time between meetings to act on those decisions!

Unlimited access to live & recorded “learn do” sessions for up to 4 team members – to show you how to grow revenue!

Revenue Coaching: one-on-one sessions with a revenue coach to focus on your strategy, marketing, and sales plans.

Access to special Value Prop services at a discount: Breakthrough Days, 90 Day Sprints, Special Conferences, Revenue Coaching Packs and other revenue-growth services.

Real-world Execution Support

More than 20 two-hour highly interactive modules on strategy, marketing, and sales.

Designed especially for SMB and mid-market companies – with tons of practical, doable, and highly effective guidance.

Live and on-demand via the web, including:

  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Ideal Customer Design
  • Marketplace Matrix
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Value Prop Development
  • Ideal Pricing Models
  • Marketing Messaging
  • Sales Messaging
  • Marketing Program Design
  • Strategic Partnering
  • Marketing Campaign Flight Plan
  • Social Media Strategy for SMB
  • Lead Generating Content Strategies
  • SEO and PPC Demystified
  • The Sales Pipeline
  • Leveraging CRM for Sales Productivity
  • Keys to B2B Branding
  • Website Mistakes
    …and more…

“The Value Prop principles have been game changers for us.”
Terry McBride, VP, Burns & McBride, Inc.

“We learned that to be a really, truly lean company, our pricing policy and product development need to be lean, too!”
David W. Davis, COO, Simmons Machine Tool Corporation

In-Person Peer Roundtable for Strategy  | Online “Learn-do” Programs for Execution

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