Value Prop Sales Messaging

Your offering is valuable. Your team knows it is.  How will your customers know?

Even great products don’t sell themselves!

A powerful Value Proposition is only the beginning. You must also have effective messaging to convey your value to your potential customers. Sales Messaging, if done correctly, can give you an advantage in the marketplace.

Among your own team, your top people have cracked the code for a particular buyer or industry. Your success hinges on understanding their process and secret sauce – and being able to put that in a framework for the whole sales team.

The Value Prop Sales Messaging Program will guide you through the creation of a Sales Guide specific to your value proposition, product, and buyer. We pull information from your top people and put it through our framework, yielding a Sales Guide and technique that can be implemented across the whole team – the seasoned veteran to the entry-level graduate.

The Value Prop Sales Messaging Program is designed to empower your sales team and sales managers to sell YOUR product or service – integrating your known resources and executing effectively and efficiently with a coherent and compelling message.

Our Program will guide you…

  • What is the credibility foundation you bring to the market?
  • How do you communicate your most significant value to your most important prospects?
  • How does knowing what is Innovative, Indispensable, and Inspirational about your product/service help create a powerful and effective messaging strategy?
  • What are your top performers doing and how can that be applied to your entire sales organization?
  • What does specific sales messaging look like for your product, your value prop, and your team?
  • Included would be capturing the best discovery questions, advancement statements, objection handling, and other real-world sales messaging skills necessary for scaling sales (or for increasing sales).
  • Much more…

How our Program works

“Learn-Do” describes our innovative approach to working with business leaders; we overcome time and resource constraints to get fast growth results. We deliver practical solutions for your actual business growth challenges. Each program (whether in-person, live over web or elearning) focuses on real work – with specific decisions and actions taken to achieve your specific business goals.

That means that all our programs provide the method (best practices based on years of experience and research), training (we show you how to apply the method) and tools (we give you everything you need to immediately apply the method and training in your real-world context.

Who is this for?

Companies work with us to develop and deploy better sales messaging – starting with a crystal clear value proposition. That is why our Methods and Tools are organized into four major groupings: Value Proposition Development, Buyer-Centric Messaging, Pivotal Conversations and our line-up of Visual Selling Tools.  

If you are looking to develop and implement a sales framework that gives your team the messaging they need to sell YOUR product or offering, then this Program could be what you’ve been seeking. Our workshops yield a documented sales messaging framework that can be used for your future and current team as it is a distillation of what has been proven to work in the field.

The Buyer-Centric Messaging program is ideal for Sales Enablement Professionals and Sales Managers as well as for folks in Product Marketing. In this program, we focus on building your sales messaging through a Buyer-Specific lense. We use our sales messaging framework to capture best practices that are realistic and repeatable for the day-to-day of selling specific to your company and product.  

How are the Method, Training and Tools delivered?

Whichever way you choose to work with us, Value Prop Interactive is there to show you how and to support you in creating precise and effective messaging – all based on a Value Proposition Statement that highlights your strengths to the market you most want to connect with.

Currently, we offer Buyer-Centric Messaging as:

  1. Live, In-person Workshop Training for groups of 12-20 people.
  2. Live Webinar Series for a single company.
  3. Mastery Groups (limited offering for up to 16 participants).
  4. eCourses
  5. Coaching & Consulting
  6. Specialized Web Apps and Portals

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