Bullet-proof Your Biggest Deals.

There are 25 Pivotal Conversations every sales professional must master to advance and close more sales. These Conversations address most everyday situations that the B2B Sales Rep is likely to encounter in advancing an opportunity.

The Pivotal Conversations Framework is all about bulletproofing your biggest sales. Simply put, the Pivotal Conversations resolve the specific buyer concerns that make – or break – deals.

Do you know if your sales rep has a realistic grasp on the forecasted opportunity? What conversations have they had – and what is the buyer concerned about? If you are concerned with the accuracy of your sales forecast, then your team needs the Pivotal Conversations model.

There are twenty-five Pivotal Conversations every sales professional must master to advance and close more sales. These Conversations address most everyday situations that the B2B Sales Rep is likely to encounter in advancing an opportunity. Learning, applying, and managing to the Pivotal Conversations is your team’s solution to bulletproofing their deals.

The Pivotal Conversations addresses each concern that buyers have during the B2B sales cycle and provides a framework and tool to the sales manager who has to uncover whether a deal is really cleared to green or not.

The Pivotal Conversations Program is designed for sales managers to more accurately forecast and efficiently bullet-proof deals. Learning these Conversations equips your sales team to move a doubtful buyer into a confident one.

Pivotal Conversations resolve the specific buyer concerns that make – or break deals.

  • I believe that you are fundamentally aligned with our best interests.
  • I understand how your offering benefits us financially.
  • I understand how your offering fits our organization and people.
  • I believe your offering is better for us than the alternatives.
  • I feel we can proceed with your offering with confidence.

Our Program will guide you…

  • How can I move a doubtful buyer into a confident purchasing mindset?
  • How can your reps get more specifically aligned with your buyer?
  • How do your sales managers manage the sale so that the forecast is accurate?
  • How can your sales reps bullet-proof their deals?
  • What are the twenty-five Pivotal Conversations, how are they organized, and how do they apply to real sales conversations?
  • Many more…

How our Program works

“Learn-Do” describes our innovative approach to working with business leaders; we overcome time and resource constraints to get fast growth results. We deliver practical solutions for your actual business growth challenges. Each program (whether in-person, live over web or elearning) focuses on real work – with specific decisions and actions taken to achieve your specific business goals.

That means that all our programs provide the method (best practices based on years of experience and research), training (we show you how to apply the method) and tools (we give you everything you need to immediately apply the method and training in your real-world context.

In this program, we focus on the Pivotal Conversations in five critical alignment areas: Business Alignment, Financial Alignment, Technical Alignment, Competitive Alignment, and Risk Alignment.

Who is this for?

Companies work with us to develop and deploy better sales messaging – starting with a crystal clear value proposition. That is why our Methods and Tools are organized into four major groupings: Value Proposition Development, Buyer-Centric Messaging, Pivotal Conversations and our line-up of Visual Selling Tools.  

If you are looking to develop airtight sales forecasting and to help your sales managers manage more specifically to the sale, then this Program could be what you’ve been seeking. Our workshops walk your managers and team through the stages of a complex B2B sales cycle, giving them a tangible framework that will complement any sales methodology.

The Pivotal Conversations program is ideal for Sales Enablement Professionals and Sales Managers. In this program, we focus on keying in on the 25 conversations that every salesperson needs to pass through with a green light. Knowing, implementing, and managing to the Pivotal Conversations helps build more accurate forecasts and close more deals.

How are the Method, Training and Tools delivered?

Whichever way you choose to work with us, Value Prop Interactive is there to show you how and to support you in creating precise and effective messaging – all based on a Value Proposition Statement that highlights your strengths to the market you most want to connect with.

Currently, we offer Pivotal Conversations as:

  1. Live, In-person Workshop Training for groups of 12-20 people.
  2. Live Webinar Series for a single company.
  3. Mastery Groups (limited offering for up to 16 participants).
  4. eCourses
  5. Coaching & Consulting
  6. Specialized Web Apps and Portals

To find out more, just fill out the form below and we’ll schedule a 30-minute discovery call with you to see if Pivotal Conversations is right for you.

The Pivotal Conversations

There are twenty Pivotal Conversations every sales professional must master to advance and close more sales. These Conversations address most everyday situations that the B2B Sales Rep is likely to encounter in advancing an opportunity.

The twenty Pivotal Conversations are organized into five major Conversation Tracks.

Business Alignment

Business Alignment considers your prospect’s mission and the issues and processes they are trying to resolve, enhance, or enable. The Business Alignment Track establishes the overall business logic behind choosing your solution or product. This Track centers on concepts such as mission, vision and what comprises the client’s biggest “win.” While “C-suite” in nature, these conversations are themes that will be addressed at all levels.

Financial Alignment

Financial Alignment analyzes a prospect’s financial targets, thresholds, and expectations for purchases. This is a dialogue that gets to the heart of why it is good business to select your offering. While senior executives and the CFO may be the primary point of contact on this dimension, any budget-focused manager will want to engage in discussing the financial impact of your offering.

Technical Alignment

Technical Alignment takes into account your prospect’s ability to take advantage of your offering. It is customer-centered and focuses on how they will evaluate your offering’s capabilities in several technical dimensions. This is where you would explore issues such as personnel, legacy systems and processes, facilities and ease of integration.

Competitive Alignment

Competitive Alignment examines the strengths and weaknesses of your specific offering against your competitors. It reveals an understanding of the landscape of options your customer is considering. Preparing for this Alignment Track gives you an opportunity to frame the discussion your prospect is already having internally.

Risk Alignment

Risk Alignment defines how a selling organization works with clients to enable them to make informed decisions regarding the solution or product they are considering. This Track looks at your prospect’s highest value requirement, assurance of fulfillment, and considers how your offering either reduces or increases different risk dimensions.

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