Value Prop Development

Many companies communicate vague and incomplete value propositions. Put simply, if you cannot answer the “why us?” question with confidence, how will your customer?

Why “Value Propositions?”

If you want to create a powerful value proposition to set your offering apart, you will want to learn how to develop a messaging strategy for your product that highlights the features, benefits, and true distinctions that will win for you in crowded and competitive markets! You will want to create a powerful I³ Value Proposition for your product or service.

The Value Prop Development Program will guide you through the creation of just such a powerful I³ Value Proposition. You will discover the Innovative, Indispensable and Inspirational aspects of your product or service that makes it truly different and desirable. Your I³ Value Proposition will become the foundation for your successful go-to-market initiatives.


Explore: What is Innovative, Indispensable, and Inspirational about your product/service?


How does your credibility foundation support your offering in the market? How should you leverage the power of creating a 1 Pager?

What is it about your product or service that will attract customers?

Why should they buy from you rather than your competitor?

The Value Prop Development Program is designed to empower businesses to develop and deploy their most differentiated strategy and messaging for their key products and services.

Our Program guides you…

  • Deep Exploration of your Product’s Differentiated Position: What is Innovative, Indispensable, and Inspirational about your product/service. What makes your product or service unique in meaningful ways to your customers?
  • How your company’s Corporate Foundation supports your offering in the market.
  • What it is about your product or service that will attract customers.
  • Why they should buy from you rather than your competitor.
  • How you will transition from a Value Proposition to Sales Messaging that Drives Sales!
  • Much more…

How our Program works

“Learn-Do” describes our innovative approach to working with business leaders to overcome time and resource constraints to get fast growth results. We deliver practical solutions for your actual business growth challenges. Each program (whether in-person, live over web or elearning) focuses on real work – with specific decisions and actions taken to achieve your specific business goals.

That means that all our programs provide the method (best practices based on years of experience and research), training (we show you how to apply the method) and tools (we give you everything you need to immediately apply the method and training in your real-world context.

Who is this for?

Companies work with us to develop and deploy better sales messaging – starting with a crystal clear value proposition. That is why our Methods and Tools are organized into four major groupings: Value Proposition Development, Buyer-Centric Messaging, Pivotal Conversations and our line-up of Visual Selling Tools.  

If you are looking to find a way to discover “what will really set us apart?” or believe you have an already differentiated product – but haven’t zeroed in on how to communicate that difference in a way that helps you win consistently, then this Program could be what you’ve been seeking.

The Value Prop Development program is ideal for Marketing and Product Marketing as well as for folks in Sales Enablement. Over the years Sales Managers have included Value Prop Development as a sales skill for their teams. Of course, business owners and their leadership teams will find Value Prop Development an absolute must!

How are the Method, Training and Tools delivered?

Whichever way you choose to work with us, Value Prop Interactive is there to show you how and to support you in creating precise and effective messaging – all based on a Value Proposition Statement that highlights your strengths to the market you most want to connect with.

Currently, we offer Value Prop Development as:

  1. Live, In-person Workshop Training for groups of 12-20 people.
  2. Live Webinar Series for a single company.
  3. Mastery Groups (limited offering for up to 16 participants).
  4. eCourses
  5. Coaching & Consulting
  6. Specialized Web Apps and Portals

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