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Visual Selling Tools

You don’t need a better sales team, they just need better tools.

The Tools That Help Teams See More…

…And Sell More.

You don’t need a better sales team. They just need a better way to see and manage the opportunities all around them, decide where to focus, and scope out what’s next. That’s what our Visual Thinking Tools for Selling address.

Seeing Is Succeeding

Our visual tools have helped teams uncover millions in untapped sales, and counting. (Amazing what you can find, when you know where to look.)

See Jose Palomino’s interview with Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO of Selling Power and Sales 2.0 Conference.
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Visual Selling Tools from Value Prop Are Different

Traditional sales training teaches your already competent team a new set of principles and theories, and then leaves them to figure out how to apply them to their real business…someday. We don’t think that’s the best approach…and you probably don’t, either. Your team needs a better way to see and manage the opportunities all around them, decide where to focus, and scope out what’s next.

Instead, our Visual Tools (formerly branded as “Spyglass”) focus on getting your team (even if you’re the whole “team” or if there’s 50 of you) immediate results on real-life business right in the room AS they learn and apply our simple tools. Your people come away NOT with new theories or philosophies – all of which simply evaporate in the heat of day-to-day business — but with powerful new skills and the confidence and motivation to use them, because they’ve already seen them work for them. They also come out of our program experience with new momentum on real deals and relationships in progress… because that’s exactly what we’ve been working on.

So instead of taking time away from your business to train your team in sales, we give them two days to focus ON your business, in ways they’ll use to dial in their sales activities today and keep using over and over in the future.

Scope out $250k in sales by lunchtime. In only days, we give your team the ability to instantly spot and close the deals that were hidden from view.

The Visual Selling Tools are designed to help your sales team see more – to sell more. The tools complement any sales methodology and can fit on the back of a napkin or diner placemat. 

“Value Prop expanded the thinking of everybody in the room. The goal was not to teach our people how to be territory managers, it was to teach them how to add to their toolbox, to become more successful in light of how customers have changed.” Jeff Cabbage, Vice President US Sales, Royal Building Products

Our incredibly simple smart tools allow your team to immediately spot the opportunities that may have gotten lost in the fog of the everyday. The tools make it easy to see and know what to focus on NOW for the greatest impact and rewards, zero in on the players that matter most, keep a watchful eye on multiple accounts and chart the progress of every deal and relationship much better than ever before. Our experience is that teams can’t wait to start using the tools to scope out those million dollar deals. In fact, during our initial training, teams regularly identify an average of $300,000 in potential additional revenue.

See your ROI start before the training even ends.

Our Program will guide you…

  • What potential revenue are you overlooking from our current client base? How can you quickly and effectively zero in on that revenue?
  • How can your reps better plan for their meetings and follow through with a closed deal?
  • How can sales managers implement tool adoption within their sales organization?
  • How can sales managers coach more efficiently and effectively?
  • How can our company advance and close more deals?
  • Many more…

How our Program works

“Learn-Do” describes our innovative approach to working with business leaders; we overcome time and resource constraints to get fast growth results. We deliver practical solutions for your actual business growth challenges. Each program (whether in-person, live over web or eLearning) focuses on real work – with specific decisions and actions taken to achieve your specific business goals.

That means that all our programs provide the method (best practices based on years of experience and research), training (we show you how to apply the method) and tools (we give you everything you need to immediately apply the method and training in your real-world context.

In this program, we help your people zero in on the right prospects, chart out better deals and view increasing profits – starting NOW! When we train your team, we have them apply our visual tools right there in the room, to your current projects, accounts, and deals in progress. Your team earns while they learn. If you’re like most of our clients, your training investment sees an ROI before we even leave your office.

Who is this for?

Companies work with us to develop and deploy better sales messaging – starting with a crystal clear value proposition. That is why our Methods and Tools are organized into four major groupings: Value Proposition Development, Buyer-Centric Messaging, Pivotal Conversations and our line-up of Visual Selling Tools.  

If you are looking to give your team the ability to instantly spot and close the deals that were hidden from view and tools they can implement immediately, then this Program could be what you’ve been seeking.

The Visual Selling Tools is ideal for Sales Enablement Professionals, Sales Managers, and their teams. In this program, we focus on giving your team simple but effective tools that they can implement DURING the workshop to uncover more opportunities.

How are the Method, Training, and Tools delivered?

Whichever way you choose to work with us, Value Prop Interactive is there to show you how and to support you in creating precise and effective messaging – all based on a Value Proposition Statement that highlights your strengths to the market you most want to connect with.

Currently, we offer our Visual Selling Tools as:

  1. Live, In-person Workshop Training for groups of 12-20 people.
  2. Live Webinar Series for a single company.
  3. Mastery Groups (limited offering for up to 16 participants).
  4. eCourses
  5. Coaching & Consulting
  6. Specialized Web Apps and Portals

To find out more, just fill out the form below and we’ll schedule a 30-minute discovery call with you to see if Visual Selling Tools is right for you.

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