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Growing companies of every size

From start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures to multi⁃billion dollar corporations, Value Prop Interactive’s sales-centric method, training, and tools have accelerated our clients’ success. At the heart of Value Prop Interactive, our best clients share the sense that this is what cranks our engine ‒ this is what gets us excited ‒ this is what matters to us ‒ that every great marketing strategy is really a great business strategy, and every great business strategy starts with a great value proposition. We’ve been privileged to deliver powerful programs to leading and growing companies, including:


Royal Building Products

$1B building home materials manufacturer, selling through distribution and local retail lumberyards and supply companies. We were tasked to develop a new program for a new role: Market Development Managers (“MDM”): we developed the training program for onboarding 15 local marketing/sales people whose job it is to build local demand for strategic new products that Royal was introducing into the marketplace. We also trained Royal’s US Territory Management Team in a refresher of basic sales skills as well as several advanced skills, including Negotiations Planning. We did so by using our Visual Thinking Tools for Sales Professionals.

“Value Prop expanded the thinking of everybody in the room. The goal was not to teach our people how to be territory managers, it was to teach them how to add to their toolbox, to become more successful in light of how customers have changed. Value Prop has given us many new ways to approach and work with a customer, to think in different ways than we have previously, to reach a little deeper into our resources as an organization – to be more professional and to have a more productive conversation with a customer or a prospect moving forward. The Program has really been additive from the standpoint of growing the existing book of business as well as continuing to add to that book of business.”

– Jeff Cabbage, Vice President US Sales, Royal Building Products


Working with the Area VP of the East Coast Commercial Region, we trained six of the most critical city branches of Salesforce, including NY, Boston and DC. We trained them in our Visual Thinking Tools for Sales Professionals and created successful outcomes including, on average, 1.5 million dollars’ worth of additional “whitespace” discovered in each branch that we worked with.

“Value Prop tools helped us effectively communicate with all levels of the organization and created tremendous value and results. Jose Palomino is a proven leader with an extraordinary background who brings real-world experience to marketing and sales concepts… ”

– Jim Rich, Area VP, Salesforce.com

Dow Chemical

Working with the Dow Chemical Sales Training Department, we adapted and licensed our “Pivotal Conversations” methodology for messaging at the opportunity level in a complex sale.

“Pivotal Conversations has been a great fit into Dow’s overall Selling Excellence education and training curriculum. Pivotal Conversations represents a fresh and needed approach to advancing complex sales. We are excited about the potential practical and powerful impact the framework will have with our sales professionals in the field. I can see Pivotal Conversations being recognized as a major innovation in the world of complex sales…”

– Curtis A. Skowronek Global Selling Excellence The Dow Chemical Company

SAP Americas

We worked with a competitive market intelligence group and developed a sales messaging guide for their top enterprise sales teams competing against their top four competitors. We distilled binders full of information into a very simple format which serves us to this day as our sales messaging framework for B2B sales.

“Value Prop Interactive consistently delivered high quality go-to-market results and helped us find innovative ways to improve performance. The Value Prop approach has proven invaluable to my team’s work.”

– Jon Derome, Sr. Director, SAP Americas

“Palomino is a master when it comes to sales, marketing, and relationship building… Value Prop thinking helped us create excellent collateral material that made a significant impact on sales.”

– Ali Abuhassan, SAP Americas

Burns & McBride

Working with this privately held, 65-year-old regional heating oil and HVAC services company, we designed the selection and training program for their new trash and recycling direct sales team. Through our efforts, Burns & McBride has added thousands of homeowner accounts through the efforts of a several summer sales teams. We assist the company in recruiting, onboarding and training these “elite” squads of young, talented individuals (mostly college students.)

“The principles of Value Prop Interactive have been game changers for us. Their training, coaching, and support have helped us weather the current storm and even find growth we didn’t think was possible.”

– Terry McBride, Vice President, Burns & McBride, Inc.

Other Testimonials

Value Prop Interactive has been serving businesses through content, training, and consulting since 2006. See some of the accolades for Value Prop Interactive, the book, Value Prop, and our CEO, Jose Palomino.

“Jose Palomino not only points out the crucial significance of a value proposition but also shows you how to create one—an extremely good one. His brutal honesty should be your cherished ally. His ideas are pure gold—no, even more valuable.”
Jay Conrad Levinson, Bestselling Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” Book Series With Over 20 million Sold

“Jose Palomino is the consummate professional, responsive and helpful in all our interactions and business dealings. He is a pleasure to work with!”
Susan Pullin, VP Industry Analyst Relations, CSC

“Value Prop gets to the heart of what matters in competitive markets – why should customers do business with you? It shows you how to take complex products and services to market with a simple and powerful message that opens doors and leads to improved market share gain.”
Michael Treacy, Treacy & Company Inc.Co-author,
The Discipline of Market Leaders and author, Double-Digit Growth

“Jose Palomino is a sales professional and a master at driving the sales process. He’s detail oriented, hard working, and never afraid to ask the tough question in the meeting. Jose understands the value of building and fostering strategic relationships.”
Michael Goodman, Director, Digital Media Strategy Analytics

“Jose Palomino knows that the secret to effective communication is an understanding of how your products and services solve problems for customers. Value Prop shows you the importance of listening before you start selling. If you want to connect to your customers and stand out from the rest of the pack, follow Palomino’s proven formula.”
David Meerman Scott, Bestselling Author
The New Rules of Marketing and PR

“We have worked with Value Prop Interactive and its Founder, Jose Palomino, for several years. The principles and methodology employed by VPI produced real-world change for us and our sales staff. From concept to nuts and bolts application in real world situations, this approach left our people feeling that they could actually grow in this economy with the insight they gained from the Value Prop Program.”
John Szal, Founder, and President  Spherical Concepts/National Geographic, Frazer, PA

“Jose is one of the smartest sales and marketing minds I’ve ever worked with, and I follow many of his lessons to this day.”
Mark Feffer, Managing Editor, Dice.com

“The Value Prop system is the architecture for my business’s success. This methodology helped me grow a singular idea into a company with global clients in less than 6 months. For business owners and entrepreneurs looking to make it big – go with VALUE PROP!”
Natalie Egan, Co-Founder, PeopleLinx, leading Social Media Application Company

“With the help of (VPI founder) Jose Palomino, we have been able to extend our leadership in the national healthcare graphics and multimedia arena. Quite simply, they have proven invaluable in helping Creative MediaWorks improve our sales effectiveness and marketing consistency.”
Richard Van Fleet, President, Creative MediaWorks, Inc.

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