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About Value Prop Interactive

We’re focused on one thing: Your Business Growth!

You’re in the right place if you’re a business owner-operator looking to create, capture, and communicate your real value – especially in crowded, competitive, and commoditizing markets – to take back control of your revenue and profit growth!

The Value Prop Team is an impressive mix of strategic thinkers, marketing experts, sales gurus, and tech geeks – all focused on helping owners with the primary mission of every business owner – grow sales and profits.


Value Prop Interactive delivers method, training, and tools to help you create and deploy your best un-commodity strategy and messaging.  Everything we do – training, web courses, books, blog, consulting – is designed to help marketing and sales leaders to drive revenue and growth for their businesses – especially in traditionally commodity categories. 

Value Prop Interactive was founded by Jose Palomino: author, teacher, entrepreneur, and marketing strategist. We work with B2B companies who are developing their best overall strategy and the execution plans they need to spark greater growth for their companies. We’ve delivered successful outcomes for a wide range of companies – from “enterprise-class” companies (ie. Day & Zimmermann, SAP, DOW, and Goldman Sachs) to smaller, privately-held companies such as Burns & McBride and US Axle.

If you’re in a market that has “commoditized” (procurement dominates and every deal seems to come down to price) then communicating the value and relevance of your key products and services to your best prospects and customers is the driver of your company’s growth. And that is where Value Prop Interactive delivers maximum impact.

See Jose Palomino’s interview with Daniel Burstein of MarketingSherpa, on value propositions.

Our Approach is Different.

Our “Learn-Do” approach makes creating and deploying great sales messaging practical, easy and effective.

Traditional training teaches your already competent team a new set of principles and theories, and then leaves them to figure out how to apply them to their real business…someday. We don’t think that’s the best approach…and you probably don’t, either. Instead, Value Prop focuses on getting your team immediate results on real-life business right in the room AS they learn and apply our simple tools. Creating leverage through new value propositions, better sales messaging and simple, yet advanced selling skills to amplify those messages. Your people come away NOT with new theories or philosophies – all of which simply evaporate in the heat of day-to-day business – but with powerful new skills and the confidence and motivation to use them, because they’ve already seen them work for them.

  • If sales focused, they gain new momentum on real deals and relationships in progress… because that’s exactly what we’ve been working on.
  • If marketing oriented, they gain a new, clean and fast approach to capturing and sharing better messaging – both strategic and practical.

So instead of taking a day or two away from your business to develop your sales and marketing team, Value Prop gives them time to focus ON your business, in ways they’ll use to dial in their activities today and keep using over and over in the future.

Why work with Value Prop?

Clients work with us to develop and deploy better sales messaging. That is why our Methods and Tools are organized into four major groupings: Value Proposition Development, Buyer-Centric Messaging, Pivotal Conversations and our line-up of Visual Selling Tools.

Each of these major areas can be accessed by our clients in a number of ways:

  • Live Workshop Training
  • Large Group Training
  • Webinar Series
  • eCourses
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Specialized Web Apps and Portals

Whichever way you choose to work with us, Value Prop Interactive is there to show you how and to support you in creating precise and effective messaging – all based on a Value Proposition Statement that highlights your strengths to the market you most want to connect with.

Founded by:

Jose Palomino, Founder & CEO

Jose started Value Prop Interactive over 10 years ago in order to integrate the art and science of strategic messaging across the marketing and sales disciplines. Jose says, “I love to help people see and articulate their best value – to help them stand out in crowded and competitive markets!” He is most proud of the truly unique “Learn-do” programs the company has developed and deployed to help sales and marketing teams in a variety of industries. 

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Frank Michel, Partner / Strategist

As a founding partner in Brandywine Mergers & Acquisitions, LLC, Frank saw the need for a specialized, pre-sale view on a company from the owner’s point of view. “That need led me to get much more involved in business model design. It also led me to become a Partner with Value Prop Interactive – since so much of their work was on finding the ‘core goodness’ within a company.” Michel is a Certified Exit Planner (CEPA – The Exit Planning Institute) and a Certified Family Business Advisor (FBAC – The Galliard Institute). Frank is committed to working with business owners to maximize the value of their business by ensuring they have the right growth model and strategy.
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