We help business owners take control of their revenue & profit growth.

Sharpen your value proposition to stand out from
competitors and connect with your best customers.

Drive your strategy, marketing, and sales with your best value proposition and undo the damage of commoditization so you can stand out, dominate, and win. Our method, training, and tools will show you how.

Our Learn-Do approach makes creating and deploying your un-commoditization strategy practical, easy and effective.

Whether online or in-person; whether training or directly engaged – our experience and proven success will help you turn the tide on shrinking margins, rugged sales results, and feeling like a commodity player. Stand out and win!

Why Value Prop?

I started Value Prop Interactive over 10 years ago to help business owner-operators gain control of their revenue and profits. Owners learn how to do this through our truly unique “Learn-do” programs – combining skills, accountability and mentoring – to help them achieve new levels of success.

Jose Palomino, Founder & CEO

We wrote the book on Value Propositions.

The book that is at the heart of our programs:

Value Prop – Create Powerful I3 Value Propositions to Enter and  Win New Markets. 

“If you want to connect to your customers and  stand out
from the rest of the pack, follow Palomino’s proven formula.”
David Meerman Scott, Bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

Breakthrough Day: Value Proposition Development

Develop a powerful value proposition that sets your offering apart in the marketplace.

Learn to use the I3 model to create the true distinctions that win in crowded and competitive markets!

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Breakthrough Day: Value Prop Sales Messaging

Capture Best Practices for Each of Your Key Markets. 

Even great products don’t sell themselves! Once you develop a powerful value proposition, you must communicate the value of your offering to your prospects. Build a powerful sales messaging strategy.

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Breakthrough Day: Value Prop Visual Selling for Owner-Led Businesses

Engage New Skills to Amplify Your Message. 

You may not even need a better sales team. You may just need a better way to see and manage the opportunities all around you, decide where to focus, and scope out what’s next. And…enhance how you communicate your value at every step of your sales process.

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Breakthrough Day: Value Prop's Pivotal Conversations™

Bullet-proof Your Biggest Deals. 

There are 25 Pivotal Conversations that are underneath most every complex sale. These Conversations address most everyday situations that you’re likely to encounter in advancing a big opportunity.

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