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Are You Ready to Compete in the Current Economy?

Your strategy, marketing & sales must work together to grow your business – whatever the environment. 

We empower business owners to drive revenue and reignite growth – especially in the worst of times.
Method. Expertise. Support. 


Make Your Business Revenue-Resilient!

You’re in the right place if you’re a business owner looking to grow or stabilize your revenue. 

You haven’t given in to negative thinking. You believe that in the long run, your business will grow. We’ll show you exactly how to take back control of your revenue and profit growth!

We are laser-focused on helping owners thrive and grow their sales and profits. With our method, expertise, and support, you will create your best strategic action plan. Everything we do is designed to help business owners and their teams drive revenue and growth for their businesses – especially in challenging times.  

Method. Expertise. Support.

We’ve developed a powerful “Learn-Do” approach based on proven methods and tools. We engage with you in a way that makes creating and deploying REAL strategy fast, practical, easy and very effective. 

We create immediate results in your business AS we work together in specific Learn-Do Work Sessions. You’ll apply new abilities creating value propositions, better messaging and winning sales approaches. You and your team will leverage powerful new skills, new and specific actions, and the confidence and motivation to use it all – because they’ve already seen them work for them!

Founded by Jose Palomino: author, teacher, entrepreneur, and marketing strategist, we’ve delivered powerful outcomes for a wide range of companies – from enterprise-class companies to our specialty – owner-led companies such as Burns & McBride and US Axle.


Why Value Prop?

“I started Value Prop Interactive over 10 years ago to help business owner-operators gain control of their revenue and profits. Owners and their teams learn how to do this through our truly unique “Learn-do” programs – combining skills, accountability and mentoring – to help them achieve new levels of success.”  Jose Palomino, Founder & CEO Learn More

Jose wrote the book on Value Propositions: Value Prop – Create Powerful I3 Value Propositions to Enter and  Win New Markets.” “If you want to connect to your customers and  stand out from the rest of the pack, follow Palomino’s proven formula.” David Meerman Scott, Bestselling Author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

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