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Value Prop: The Book

High-Performance Marketing begins with a Powerful Value Prop!

“If you want to connect to your customers and stand out from the rest of the pack, follow Palomino’s proven formula.”

David Meerman Scott, Bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

“Value Prop… is a guidebook that shows how to take complex products and services to market with a simple and powerful message that opens doors and leads to improved market share gain.”

Michael Treacy, Treacy & Company Inc., co-author, The Discipline of Market Leaders

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Razor-sharp Messaging

Value Prop shows you how to create a razor-sharp value proposition and marketing message to showcase the truly new, useful and exciting qualities of your product or service—winning business in the process! Value Prop offers new ways to create, diagnose and improve your value proposition — ensuring you deliver your most effective message to your best audience.

Value Prop shows how to get to the heart of the matter in tough and competitive markets—why should customers do business with you? That is why technology industry veteran marketer, sales professional, and consultant-coach, Jose Palomino, offers fresh insights into the critical tasks of creating powerful value propositions that stand out in the marketplace. In this book, you will find eye-opening examples of successes that embody the “I3” factors of innovation, indispensability, and inspiration—and some notable failures that didn’t—Value Prop will change how you bring products and services to market.

  • Create a winning value proposition and messaging strategy;
  • Stand out in a crowded marketplace and drive sales;
  • Enter and win new markets…

Value Prop offers new ways to create, diagnose and improve your value proposition to ensure you deliver your most effective message to your best audience.

Praise for Value Prop

“A truly enjoyable read! It does a wonderful job of discussing value proposition development in the context of the entire marketing process. Great examples. Easy-to-read style. It makes a powerful connection between messaging and sales execution. As important, Value Prop provides readers with a roadmap for getting there. A key point it makes is the dramatic impact the development of effective ‘value props’ and sales dialogue can have on close ratios, cost of sales and profitability. A sales force will improve results by applying the concepts in this book and drive real sales growth!”
Dan Ross, Executive Director, Entrepreneurs Forum of Greater Philadelphia and long-time IT Industry Marketing and Sales Executive

“Palomino clearly articulates a straightforward way to build and communicate a promise to a specific target audience—an essential exercise that is too often undervalued or overlooked entirely.”
Reed Cundiff, General Manager, Microsoft Corporation

“An excellent, step by step approach for companies to honestly assess what they really have to offer and how to use it to win in the marketplace. Value Prop offers a practical and pragmatic transition of key messaging concepts into real-life selling situations.”
Jack Ferraioli, Vice President, Customer Relationship Development, Vertex Inc.

Value Prop cuts right to the chase: what’s so great about your product or service and why should people buy it? Jose Palomino succinctly and effectively argues that without a compelling value proposition, there can be no differentiation and without a differentiated value proposition, sales and marketing will be uphill. If you read this book, you will get the shorthand version of what it takes to stand out in the market: Value Prop is a highly focused, practical guide to what is too often treated as mysterious and convoluted. This book is all you need.”
Stephen J. Andriole, Ph.D, Professor of Business (Thomas G. Labrecque chair), Villanova University, and Former SVP and CTO of Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. and CIGNA Corporation.

“Palomino offers a refreshing strategy-to-action approach for executives seeking an immediate impact for their businesses. Company leaders can immediately begin using the I3 approach to revamp and improve their messaging, channel and sales programs in new and exciting ways.”
Ed Wallace, Co-Author, Creating Relational Capital and President of The Relational Capital Group

“The world is not run by those who are right; it is run by those who can convince others they are right. To win, you not only need to know HOW—you need to know WHY. In a very well written book, Palomino helps us understand WHY people choose what they choose and beautifully deals with the HOW of developing effective value propositions.”
Jamshid Gharajedaghi, Managing Partner & CEO of Interact and Original Contributor to Third Generation Systems Thinking Methodology

“Clear, effective and easy to read, Jose Palomino has given the business world a gift in his first book, Value Prop. Real and dynamic differentiation for today’s environment, grounded in efficacy and results, marketers and executives will want this on their bookshelves.”
David G. Henkin, Author, Conversation Innovation and C-level executive

“In Value Prop, Jose Palomino shows that he is an innovative marketer who’s listening and practicing what he preaches. Read this book. Give a copy to a friend—especially if they have to survive and win in highly competitive markets. They will thank you for it!”
James Barnes, Chief Relationship Officer, Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

“The business world is littered with the bodies of companies that thought they had the next great product, but ignored the strategic necessity of a tight value proposition. This book is fantastic at taking the reader through a logical and powerful framework to maximize the value of your product and product messaging in crowded and confusing markets.”
Bradley Hecht, COO, Iconoculture, Inc. and former Executive at Yankee Group, MIT and Gartner, Inc.

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